Aluminium Tube

Metals Centre stock and supply a large range of aluminium tube to the Gauteng province, South Africa and beyond.

"Want to Know the difference between pipe and tube?"

The difference lies in its application and how it is measured.

Think of a pipe as a "passageway" and a tube as a structural member.

Generally speaking a pipe is measured by its inside diameter or ID. Tube is measured by the outside diameter or OD.

So, for example - a 2" ball could roll through a 2" nominal pipe, but that same 2" ball would not fit in a 2" tube because it's diameter is the same as the (OD) of the 2" tube

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Metals Centre carry a wide range of aluminium tube, which can all be cut to your specifications.

Below you an find our aluminium tube...

  1. Tube - Grade - 60623 TF

  2. Tube - Grade - 6261 TF

1. Tube - Grade - 60623 TF

(A) 22.2mm (OD) X (B) 1.62mm

(A) 25.4mm (OD) X (B) 1.2mm

(A) 25.4mm (OD) X (B) 1.62mm

(A) 25.4mm (OD) X (B) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 31.76mm (OD) X (B) 1.62mm

(A) 31.76mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 38.18mm (OD) X (B) 1.6mm

(A) 38.18mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 44.46mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 50.8mm (OD) X (B) 1.62mm

(A) 50.8mm (OD) X (B) 2.04mm

(A) 50.8mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 50.8mm (OD) X (B) 6.36mm

(A) 57.16mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 60.32mm (OD) X (B) 4.78mm

(A) 63.5mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 76.2mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 101.6mm (OD) X (B) 3.18mm

(A) 107mm (OD) X (B) 3mm

(A) 127mm (OD) X (B) 3.5mm

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2. Tube - Grade - 6261 TF

(A)49mm (OD) X (B) 4.5mm

(A)50.8mm (OD) X (B) X (B) 1.2mm

(A)73.02mm (OD) X (B) 5.16mm

(A)88.9mm (OD) X (B) 4.76mm

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