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Removing scratches from stainless steel is one of Metals Centre's most frequently asked questions, particularly when it is to do with stainless steel kitchen appliances.Since stainless steel appliances became "all the rage", their maintenance and upkeep issues have also come to the fore.With this in mind we decided to dedicate a website page to this "scratch situation" and list as many effective ways of removing scratches that we could find.

"We want to hear from u as well, I am sure that you will be able to teach us a thing or two from your "scratchy experience".

We have allso included a form that you can fill out and submit back to us with your suggested method of removing scratches from stanless steel appliances. Please share your positive or negative experiences to do with removing scratches from stainless steel.

TIP: Never use the scouring side of a cleaning or dishwashing sponge to wash or apply "maintenance creams" to the surface of your appliances. You will end up with more scratches than you began with.

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Autosol Marine Shine - Triple Award Winning Marine Metal Polish - Includes rubbing compound to remove scratches from stainless steel

"I recently bought a stainless steel stove, and "yours truly" used a Scotch Brite pad to clean a small section. As you can imagine, where the rough green side of the sponge was used - dulling scratches are now clearly evident. Do you know of any way of removing scratches from stainless steel other than replacing the whole stove top?"

Many thanks... any help you could give would be appreciated before my wife murders me.

Metals Centre - replies...

"Firstly remove all sharp objects etc. from the house to ensure that your next call is not a 911 emergency call, should your wife not appreciate the new special effects you've given her stove top.

Okay, what you need to do is start with a much finer abrasive to try and bring back the shine. Start with a toothbrush and some tothpaste. If that has no effect, take it up a notch by using a very soft buffing wheel fitted to a power drill with a bit of "paint-restorer". You can get this in any auto parts store, it is used to bring back the lustre to the paint job on older cars. The main thing to understand when removing scratches from stainless steel, is that you don't want to make the scsratches worse, so only use really fine things to improve the brightness and not highlight the dullness even further."

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