Brass Tube

Metals Centre have been supplying brass tube to the Gauteng Region in South Africa and beyond for the past 27 years. Use the quick quote form in the left sidebar and get the prices you need for your next job.

Brass tubing is a very popular exrusion. The term brass most commonly applies to alloys of copper where the principle alloying agent, other than copper is zinc. Bronze is also an alloy of copper but its principle alloying agent is tin.

Don't forget to use the Quick Quote form in the left sidebar, our sales people are standing by to assist you with your order.You will receive your quotation within 2 hours during weekdays - mon to Fri between 8:00 and 16:30

Choose from our range of sizes below...

If you want to buy brassw tube online, Metals Centre are trusted suppliers to the Gauteng area of South Africa and beyond.

(A) 9.76 mm X (B) 0.91 mm

(A) 9.52 mm X (B) 1.6 mm

(A) 10mm mm X (B) 1.2mm

(A) 12.7 mm X (B) 1.6

(A) 12.7 mm X (B) 1.2mm

(A) 15.8 mm X (B) 1.2 mm

(A) 15.8 mm X (B) 1.61mm

(A) 19.06 mm X (B) 1.6mm

(A) 19.06 mm X (B) 1.2 mm

(A) 15.8 mm X (B) 2.03mm

(A) 25.4 mm X (B) 1.6 mm

(A) 25.4 mm X (B) 1.2 mm

(A) 38.1 mm X (B) 1.6 mm

(A) 38.1 mm X (B) 1.2 mm

(A) 50.8 mm X (B) 0.9

(A) 50.8 mm X (B) 1.6 mm

(A) 50.8 mm X (B) 1.2 mm

(A) 76.2 mm X (B) 3.25 mm (BORE HOLE TUBE)

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