What's The Secret To A More Focussed Cutting Edge Laser Division? - Simple... A Days Fishing.

Metals Centre's cutting edge laser division hung up their "Gone Fishing" sign, and for once, - it was no lie. They actually went fishing.

The main reason being : to supplement their stretched grocery budgets, and secondly - theyve been working far too close to the laser for far too long...the result: A pathetically dehydrated laser team..

For health reasons - Willem (Head of laser division) quickly diagnosed his team and prescribed a dedicated day of concentrated-liquid-carbohydrate-intake to take place while fishing at the Rietfontein dam

Later, when asked about his brilliant life saving prescription for his laser division,the more-than-competent manager was reported as saying...

"I cannot take all the credit, it's important that we all remember that anything we do, we do because we stand on the shoulders of the giants of this industry who have gone before us and so this is why anyone finding themselves in the same position would have done the same thing, i mean these are all fellow human beings and...."

We had to cut him short at this point because he was like the "thing that wouldn't shut-up" Sheeesh.

Well! There you have it folks - a very humble hero indeed.

It was a lovely sunny day, and almost everyone used their common sense to keep out of the scorching direct sunlight as much as possible

To spice things up a bit a range of trohies were designed and cut out on the laser, then polished up ready for the prize giving at the end of the day.

The person showing the most dedication to this "medication" would win the "Dronk Moer" trophy for their total commitment to the cause. Without further ado and with no real exertion on his part, Riaan Botha stepped onto the podium and fell off the other side, before ambling off in a very un-laser-like manner with his "dronk moer" trophy in hand.

Other trophies up for grabs included the "Die grootste Ding" trophy and the "Die meeste goed" trophy and last but not least - the "Aas op die Lyn" trophy.

"Die meeste goed" and Die grootste ding" trophy went to our new Sales Manager Riaan Fourie.

The unsung hero of all this was a little boy by the name of Rowan who won the "Aas op die lyn" trophy. If you ask me, by the looks of his catch - I'd say our cutting edge laser division had their laser lines crossed. Well done Rowan

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