Pros and Cons of Cutting Gaskets With Laser, Waterjet or Die Cutting

Use Metals Centre for cutting gaskets from virtually any material in our laser cutting and waterjet cutting division. Talk to us to see which one your gasket application is better suited to.

  • Edge quality is one of the more important factors to take into consideration when looking at having gaskets cut.
  • Laser cutting gaskets tends to burn or char the cut materials, particularly when cutting rubber or elastomeric materials. This may or may not be important depending on the tolerances and application of the said gasket.
  • The waterjet on the other hand, leaves a clean and accurate edge cut quality. Having knowledge of the gasket application will help Metals Centre in advising the correct method for producing your gaskets.
  • In our experience, we have found that waterjet cutting is superior to laser cutting technology when it comes to gasket cutting.
  • Using a waterjejt will give you a cleaner cut edge particularly with thick rubber materials, you will not get the "edge concavity" which is characteristic of the die cutting process.
  • With non-abrasive waterjet cutting (waterjet cutting without the added grit) you are able to achieve tolerances of +-.010" on sponge and solid rubber.
  • Waterjet cutting comes into its own where innitial prototyping and samples are required prior to "tooling-up" for large quantity runs.
  • Interestingly enough, the waterjet takes over from where die cutting leaves off - that is where accuracy is concerned. The accuracy achieved through waterjet cutting far out ranks the conventional die cutting process.
  • One can understand how the softer parts will easily be deformed by the die cutting process.
  • Waterjet cutting large gaskets without the need to commit to expensive tooling is a huge plus-factor.
  • The zero-edge-concavity achieved on thick material is very beneficial for gasket cutting .
  • In summary - if accuracy and quality are top priority, the Waterjet cutter is the preferred technology for cutting your gaskets

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