Fuel Rail

Metals Centre is proud to announce its latest aluminium extrusion...

- The MC fuel rail.

Metals Centre delivers the MC Fuel Rail in Gauteng and organises couriers to deliver to the rest of South Africa and into Africa as well.

"What the heck is it"... you may ask.?

Well, its like a pipe, but looks more like a rail - it's used to deliver fuel under pressure to individual fuel injectors on an internal combustion engine. This replaces the need for a carburettor.

This design allows for a seat for each of the injectors and for a fuel supply. A pressure regulator can also be incorporated with this system. Pressure regulators are usually used on engines that have multi-point fuel injection systems.

Metals Centre sells the MC fuel rail extrusion in 1m lengths and will deliver it throughout Gauteng and South Africa

The fuel rail extrusion comes in 1 metre lengths, this is enough for a V8 engine.

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