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What's News at Metals Centre will keep you in the loop on what is happening in the world of metal suppliers.
Here is just an idea of some of the things we will be covering:

  • New metal product lines that become available.
  • Reviews from our customers.
  • Other exciting news and updates from Metals Centre.

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Metal Products - Associated Products

Metals Centre, as well as providing all your metal needs, also have a range of associated metal products including welding rods and metal polish.

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Laser Cutting Services

Metals Centre provide laser cutting services to Gauteng and South Africa, cutting a range of metals to precision including sheet metal and laser stencil cutting.

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Copper and Brass Sales

Copper and brass sales to the Gauteng area and beyond. Metals Centre can supply and cut your copper sheet metal to size.

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Brass Alloys and Supplies

Metals Centre stock a range of brass alloys and products and we will happily cut your order to size for you.

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Silver Steel

Metals Centre stock silver steel bar, available now, and we will cut it to your precise specifications.

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Water Jet Cutting Services

Metals Centre provide water jet cutting services to Gauteng and South Africa for a wide range of materials.

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Waterjet Cutter

Metals Centre offer a waterjet cutter and laser cutting service. We are specialist metals suppliers, providing ferrous and non-ferrous metals all under one roof including custom cutting-to-size with g

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Cutting Gaskets

Cutting Gaskets in Johannesburg could not be easier with Metals Centre's Waterjet and Laser cutting service.

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Shim-Brass : Brass-Shim-Stock-Assortment-Packs

Shim-Brass can now be ordered in brass shim assortment packs from Metals Centre. We supply the Gauteng region, South Africa and Africa with Shim Brass.

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