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Metals Centre offers both water jet and laser cutting services - giving you the 'one-stop-cutting-shop' convenience you deserve.

Metals Centre are specialist metal suppliers providing a complete laser cutting services to accurately cut materials for your next project.

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Which Cutting Machine Do I Choose?
  • Metals Centre's laser cutting services offers a faster turnaround of jobs and is less expensive than the water jet cutting option, but is limited as to which material can and cannot be laser cut.
  • The Metals Centre Trumpf 4030 laser cutter will successfully cut through up to 16mm of steel, 12mm of stainless steel and 4.5mm of aluminium.
  • Find out more about laser cutting sheet metal
  • A water jet cutting machine is better suited to thicker materials, (up to 200mm) and a wider range of materials including stone, ceramics, teflon and plastics which have a low tolerance to heat or cannot be cut by the laser cutter.
  • Laser cutting is ideal for the cutting of prototype or proofing components, while waiting for the high volume production tools to be engineered. This shortens the time taken to recover development costs which increase profit margins substantially.
  • The CNC controls, allows you to cut different components from the same sheet of material. Very handy for cutting kits-of-parts.
  • Almost anything you can draw can be laser cut, or water jet cut - giving you even greater design flexibility.
  • With laser metal cutting, your components are immediately ready for service.
  • It is good practice to allow for cleaning after any profiling is done.
  • Your tooling and fixturing costs are reduced to a minimum using our laser and water jet cutting services
  • Your components are cut to a high level of precision - Achieving a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm, giving you a near-perfect edge-quality finish.
  • You can have profiles, holes and slots cut out in one setup, without the need for complicated jigs or fixtures.
  • Laser cutting is one of the cleanest of all cutting methods thus reducing the risk of the components being damaged by the waste products as generated by the water jet cutting process.
  • There is minimal heat distortion with laser cutting , and the relative burr free cutting means less reworking afterwards.

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