Points To Consider When Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

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Laser cutting sheet metal is very popular these days. However, it requires tremendously expensive and specialized machinery in order to use this technology.

Fortunately, the average man in the street can still make use of this wonderful and precise cutting method by using a laser-cutting-job-shop offering this service.

Talking of lasers cutting sheet metal, they are particularly highly effective when used for this application.

A CAD (computer assisted program) is used to guide the laser to cut precisely and finely along the thin black lines of the design, created with the controlling CAD software.

It goes without saying that the design to be cut needs to be checked and tested for correctness before commencing with laser cutting.
A big plus factor of CAD is that you get to preview what the sheet metal will look like after it has been cut by the laser.

Once you are satisfied with the design, laser cutting sheet metal then cancels out the possibility of any human error. Where absolute precision is of prime importance - this feature alone should dictate the use of the laser above any other method.

Laser Cutting Holes In Sheet Metal

If you require holes to be cut in your sheet metal it is good to know up front that the finished holes will have a slight taper to them. This means that the hole in the front will be slightly larger than the hole in the back. So if you're working with very exact tolerances this could prove very important to take into account.

Post Cut Re-working Reduced

Another time saving feature of the laser cutting sheet metal, is that your post cutting work is virtually non existent. There is almost zero burring when using a laser. This help's speed up delivery time considerably

Will The Heat From The Laser Damage The Sheet Metal?

Fortunately, sheet metal is not really "heat treatable" so the heat generated by the laser won't appreciably harden it at the edges. Keep in mind that when laser cutting heat treatable metals the structural integrity of the metal will be adversely affected around the area of the cut.

Super Precision At Your Fingertips.

Apart from being a more precise method of cutting than other methods used, laser cutting sheet metal also allows for much smaller holes to be cut. In fact as a rule of thumb you can cut a hole as small as 20% of the thickness of the stock.

By comparison with other cutting methods, this means that you can achieve a hole which is approximately 1.2 times smaller with laser cutting sheet metal than You could achieve with other cutting methods.

If you require "slot corners" to be cut, with laser cutting your radius could be as low as 0.4 inches.

With our powerful 4KW (4000 watt) laser cutting machine we are able to cut through 16 mm of mild steel and 12 mm of stainless steel.

So, if you're talking about laser cutting sheet metal, you can imagine how easily, quickly and accurately it does this...Literally, like a hot knife through butter. All the cuts are automatically carried out as determined by the CAD program.

Metals Centre offers laser cutting and waterjet cutting services, which together give you the ability to cut almost every imaginable material available, with precision accuracy - and what's more - we do it at a price you can afford.

If you're busy with a DIY project that requires cutting sheet metal or you're an engineer with a sheet metal fabrication job,
keep our laser cutting services and waterjet cutting services in mind.

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