Laser Metal Cutting - Deffinitely... A-Cut-Above

Using Metals Centre's laser metal cutting and waterjet cutting service gives you the ability and confidence to take on jobs that require cutting through, anything from 1mm sheet metal up to 200mm thick stainless steel plate..The almost burr-free edge finish means that there is no time wasted on post cut re-working of the material.

Metals Centre offers a laser cutting service to the Gauteng region in South Africa, they also have two Omax waterjet cutting machines at your service.

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We deliver throughout the Gauteng region of South Africa, so if you would like us to give you a quote - please use the "Quick-Quote-Form" below. If you would like to speak to one of our salespeople you can get them on...

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When it comes to cutting metal with a laser, we at Metals Centre are able to handle sheet sizes up to 4m X 2m because of the large size"laser-bed"

The precision and speed with which the metal cutting laser completes the task is unrivalled by conventional cutting methods. There are no fixturing costs to build into your pricing and the finished pieces are of a high enough quality to be used immediately.This translates into faster turnaround for the client boosting your name in the industry as someone who delivers on time every time.


The beauty of laser cutting metal components is that the laser metal cutting machine will only cut according to the pre programmed settings which are stored in the computer. this means, there is very little chance of deviation from the original dimensions.


whether it's stainless steel, wood, titanium or mild steel, different materials require different methods for cutting. The versatility of lasers means that you can take on many types of jobs that require fast and accurate cutting. No matter what type of sheet metal your customer needs you now have the ability to offer top quality results every time

Quality Results

The accuracy and detailed precision of the laser metal cutting machine, equates to a finished product, which looks professional, fits more securely together and performs better. Even replacement components seem more compatible with the existing material than did the original. The edge finish-quality is governed by an innovative pulsing technique. By making use of a laser, you will effectively reduce the margin of error in your cutting and create happy clients who will associate u with quality work and definitely be back for repeat business.

Cutting Gaskets - Save money and time.

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