Metals Centre - Returns Policy

At Metals Centre we would like to make our returns policy as clear as possible to instill confidence and avoid uneccassary issues

Our Basic Business Principles:

  • If it's our error we will make it right
  • We'll always endeavour to make the most customer-pleasing decisions possible
  • Our number one concern is to try and ensure you have a wonderful experience at Metals Centre

I am sure you will agree that the best return policies are those you never use. With that in mind please double check that the sizes and quantities you require are correct.

Should there be an issue with your order, please inform us as soon as you possibly can. In this event please contact us within 10 days after receiving your order.

Cancelling an Order - Returns Policy

Occasionally we all make mistakes. This can result in you needing to cancel or postpone an order. If that is ever the case please do your best to call us as soon as possible. Orders can only be cancelled if the job is not cut yet. Most jobs will have been cut within 6 hours of the order being placed.

Even though email is very convenient, we must stress that you contact us by phone in order to cancel or postpone a order. The very nature of our production processes are such that this will help us guarantee honouring your request.

  • Service is our number one priority and with this in mind we'll do what we can to work with you, so let's talk and see if we can find a satisfactory solution

  • If You've Made a Mistake With Your Order - Returns Policy

    In the 27 years we have been in business we have never made a single mistake....Heck! We've built our business by learning from the many mistakes we've made along the way.

    One mistake that stands out clearly in my mind. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it caused a fair amount of stress - I remember cutting some material once for a client, the order required 58 pieces of 200mm long stainless flat bar. I personally cut the job, only to find out afterwards, that one of my other machine operators had accidentally cut 10mm off the steel ruler I was using. He had forgotten to trash the shortened ruler.

    So you see, it happens to the best of us. The only sure thing in this world is that things will go wrong from time to time.

    We are certain you will understand that we cannot refund the shipping fees if we have provided you with what you ordered. You will be required to fit the bill for shipping the materials back to us.

    Custom Cut / Non-Stock-Order Cancellation - Returns Policy

    These issues are best dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The crux of the matter, is whether our supplier can let us out of the deal on our end, if so, we will gladly process the cancellation. Remember that our main priority is making certain you will return to us again.

    Non Stock Order Cancellation

    If we process a special order for a full size non stock item, you will have to pay a 30% restocking fee and any relevant shipping charges. Every endeavour will be made to try and not pass this fee on to you, however this is not always possible.

    Custom Cut Non-Stock-Order Cancellation

    As I am sure you will agree, the nature of these orders makes them unavoidably non cancel-able, however again, if we can be allowed to back out of the deal on our end, we will certainly process the cancellation. We will always do every thing humanly possible to keep you satisfied so that we can be assured that you will visit us again.

    When We Make A Mistake

    Beside the fact that we pride ourselves on an excellent delivery record of a top quality product and that our packaging is unparalleled in the industry, issues can and do happen, from time to time.

    Damaged Materials or Wrong Goods - Returns Policy

    (Please report within 15 days)
    You wont find anything in our return policy that applies to damaged or wrong material. Where the error in product is ours regardless of whether it is quantity, or quality, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. We need to apologize and table the options of either a refund or replacement.

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