Shim-Brass : Brass-Shim-Stock-Assortment-Packs

Metals Centre now offers shim-brass in brass-shim-stock-assortment-packs. We deliver throughout Gauteng and courier across South Africa. Our brass shim is packed together in a roll comprising the most popular thicknesses and are all 1 metre in length. See the table below showing the various thicnesses included.

The convenience of always having some shim brass on hand is realised when the only thing left to do is shim your project. Problem is - you don't have any brass shim stock, and its the weekend, the shops are closed.

This sort of thing used to frustrate me to death untill I got smart and ordered a few of Metals Centres brass-shimstock-assortment-packs.

Shim Brass Flat Sheets

Metals Centre supplies the Gauteng region, South Africa and Africa with shim brass in the form of brass shim stock assortment packs.

Brass Shim Stock Assortment Packs

Metals Centre offers brass shim stock assortment packs which we deliver, post, or courier to anywhere in South Africa

Now I have peace of mind, in knowing my weekend-workshop-projects wont be stopped for lack of some shim brass

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We will either deliver, post or courier your brass-shim-stock-assortment-pack to you anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa or Africa for that matter. So fill out the quick quote form then sit back and relax while we get things sorted for your delivery

Please find below the sizes of the individual lengths and assortment packs of shim brass

Brass Shim Stock Assortment Pack

150 mm wide x 1 m

Brass Shim Stock Flat Sheets

150 mm wide x 1 m

0.13 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm,

Postal cost for this item to anywhere in SA (not insured) is aproximately R50

Delivered 4 - 5 days

Overnight aproximately R150

0.10 mm, 0.13 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.63 mm, 0.75 mm,

How To Cut Shim Brass Washers

Have you ever wanted to make some thin shim-brass washers from brass shim stock? Sure, you can buy them, but usually only in package quantities and not always in the size that you need. Most times you only need a few of them anyway.

Lets look at a method of cutting a few thin brass shim washers -

" without bonding the farm for a "glass of milk," so to speak."

One method to cut circular brass shims is as follows:

  • Firstly cut the shim stock "oversize" and then sandwich the brass shimstock between two flat pieces of scrap metal or metal washers. (plywood wahers should work too)

  • Make sure you clamp the metal securely together.

  • Now you can drill the thru-hole. If you then mount this on some type of arbor, (between scrap) you can turn it to your desired O.D.

Not the fastest method, but the finished brass shim stock washers turn out burr-free.

Watch out for the sharp edges.

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