Steel Extrusions

Metals Centre are suppliers of steel extrusions, available to the Gauteng Province in South Africa and now to the rest of Africa.

We stock a wide range of various formats and sizes. Let us know if you would like us to cut these to size for you - We'll be happy to do it.

Select from our range of steel extrusions below...

  1. Flat Bar

  2. Round Bar

  3. Square Bar

1. Flat Bar

Metals Centre are specialist metal suppliers providing a complete laser cutting services to accurately cut materials for your next project.

(A) 20mm X (B) 3mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 3mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 3mm

(A) 30mm X (B) 3mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 3mm

(A) 20mm X (B) 5mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 5mm

(A) 30mm X (B) 5mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 5mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 5mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 30mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 65mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 20mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 60mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 70mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 60mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 80mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 80mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 6mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 90mm X (B) 8mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 60mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 65mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 80mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 10mm

(A) 25mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 45mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 80mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 70mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 60mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 90mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 16mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 16mm

(A) 150mm X (B) 12mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 16mm

(A) 40mm X (B) 20mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 20mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 20mm

(A) 50mm X (B) 25mm

(A) 100mm X (B) 25mm

(A) 150mmX (B) 20mm

(A) 180mm X (B) 20mm


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2. Round Bar

Metals Centre provide a range of mild steel extrusions which we can cut on-site to your specifications..

(A) 6 mm

(A) 8 mm

(A) 10 mm

(A) 12 mm

(A) 16 mm

(A) 20 mm

(A) 22 mm

(A) 25 mm

(A) 30 mm

(A) 32 mm

(A) 35 mm

(A) 40 mm

(A) 45 mm

(A) 50 mm

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3. Square Bar

Metals Centre, your one stop metals supply and laser cutting company. You can now order all your mild steel online.

(A) 8 mm X (B) 8 mm

(A) 10 mm X (B) 10 mm

(A) 12 mm X (B) 12 mm

(A) 16 mm X (B) 16 mm

(A) 20 mm X (B) 20 mm

(A) 25 mm X (B) 25 mm

(A) 30 mm X (B) 30 mm

(A) 35 mm X (B) 35 mm

(A) 40 mm X (B) 40 mm

(A) 45 mm X (B) 45 mm

(A) 50 mm X (B) 50 mm

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