60000-PSI Waterjet Cutting Machines - Cuts Titanium Better Than a Steel Blade or Drill

Consider the waterjet cutting machines principle...

- Amazing Water Jet Cutting Machines -
"When you force water with enough pressure through a small hole, until it is a tiny jet of water moving at more than three times the speed of sound, it becomes a slicing tool that passes through metal slabs, aramid fiber and chocolate cake... with equal ease."

Deep within the South African gold mines a worker controls a large portable cutting tool that removes large pieces of ore from a solid quartzite rock. Off the coast of Newfoundland a crew of workers drill holes into icebergs with a similar device in order to anchor cables to them and drag them out of the shipping lanes. Doctors in an Ottawa hospital make use of a tiny yet similar implement to perform bone surgery.

Metals Centre's waterjet cutting machines and their laser cutting service provides the Gauteng rehgion in South Africa with affordable precision cutting of components

The above waterjet cutting machines are nothing more than a simple... jet of water.

When you force water through a tiny orifice at speeds of up to 3 times the speed of sound, the range of materials that this jet of water will cut, is vast to say the least. Anything from baby diapers to frozen fish, and when you add silica or garnett to the water - the abrasive jet will cut virtually anything, from tough tool steel to bullet proof glass - even armour plating, with ease.

Metals Centre supplies ferrous and non ferrous metals and offers a complete laser cutting and waterjet cutting service to the Gauteng region in South Africa.

Waterjet cutting machines do not employ heat with which to cut, this ensures the structural integrity of the metal being cut is not compromised.

Metals Centre has been supplying metals to the Gauteng region in South Africa for the past 27 years. Now they also offer laser cutting and waterjet cutting for their customers

Our laser cutting and waterjet cutting service will make light work of your cutting requirements for your next project.

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