Waterjet Metal Cutting

When it comes to waterjet metal cutting, Metals Centre is able to turn your job around in very quick time indeed. Their two large Omax waterjet cutting machines are very effective with small and large cutting jobs alike.

Below you can see a picture showing one of Metals Centre's Omax waterjet cutting machines in operation.

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Virtually anything that can be drawn, can be cut with a waterjet cutting machine. A variety of intricate shapes can be cut with precision accuracy and the finish achieved through this method of cutting removes the need for time consuming post-cutting work on the finished components. This alone, speeds up delivery time considerably. Interestingly enough, using a waterjet to cut steel has become one of the fastest growing methods in the world, for cutting flat steel sheet.

Metals Centre offers a waterjet metal cutting and laser cutting service for their customers convernience

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Although this method is suitable for cutting almost any material, cutting metal is the most popular use for this technology thus far. The fact that it employs zero heat to perform this task means that the structural integrity of the material being cut will not be affected.

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